Early Years Preschool



I'll start this review by saying that I am a school teacher and have very high expectations for the level of education and care that my daughters receive. My daughter attended this school during 2016-2017 academic year in Ms. Jackie's class (4-5 yrs). The following are some of the things I appreciated most about the school:

1. Transparency- Taz the director is a great manager in my mind and runs this business very well. She is attentive, open to feedback, and responsive. Taz is very involved, regularly monitors the teachers, and sincerely cares for all the students. She communicates with parents often and other than the scheduled emails each month she also takes the time to say hello in the morning and provide any relevant updates and feedback at pick up. 

2. Professionalism- All individuals working at this school are very professional. Staff attendance is near 100% and they have always been prompt! (I dropped off at 7 am a couple of times and never had to wait for the school to open!) They make sure to use appropriate language when interacting with students as well as with parents. The teachers maintain confidentiality and respect all students at all times. 

3. Academic Rigor- I can tell that the curriculum is planned in advance and thought goes into every day's schedule. My daughter enjoyed learning everything she did because the lessons were engaging, interactive, and allowed her in many ways to take ownership over the learning process. The parents are always kept in the loop and are encouraged to participate. My daughter will be entering TK and can write her name and a few other short words, mentally add and subtract integers (1-10), can read most sight words, and has a vast amount of knowledge in science/nature. Her motor skills really improved this year due the hands-on approach at the school. She is over-prepared...Yay! There are lots of opportunities for dramatic play, intellectual games, science, and just playing for the sake of being 4 :-). My daughter grew tremendously socially and emotionally this year. 

4. Warmth- This school has a homey feel. I can't say enough about the staff working at this school. Every single teacher is so welcoming and warm. They have a big heart and love what they do. The teachers care for all students, not just the ones in their class. I was very anxious on the first days of school because my daughter is more on the reserved side, but very quickly I learned that my daughter is in good hands. My daughter went to school happy every singe day of the year, and complained that I came to pick up too early! I seriously couldn't believe this, but what a good problem to have :-)

  • I highly recommend this school to anyone living in the area.

            Tali C.

My twins attended Early Years Preschool for 2 years from July 2013 to August 2015. It's probably the best decision we have made for our kids' education. Early Years is a small and intimate preschool that has three grades with three teachers and Ms. Taz who is the owner and director. Our kids took Ms. Vanessa's (for 3-4 year olds) and Ms. Jackie's (for 4-5 year olds) classes and both teachers are simply amazing.

The school is academically oriented and the kids get to learn a lot there. The curriculum is rich but also well-paced so it doesn't get to be overwhelming. Besides learning the basics like letters, numbers, and colors, the kids also work on arts and craft projects almost daily, many of which are very creative and educational. The teachers have a lot of experience. They are loving and firm at the same time so the kids learn quickly how to behave properly in class and how to follow the school rules, which are very important for the kids to make a smooth transition to kindergarten.

Because of its small size, the director, Ms. Taz is directly involved in the daily operation of the school, which provides ample opportunities for parents to discuss any issues with her. The school encourages the parents to get involved in the school activities. We felt very welcomed right from the beginning by all the teachers. 

The school tuition is very reasonable considering the education the kids are getting. 

All in all, we highly recommend Early Years Preschool to any parents who want their kids to have a top-quality early education in a warm and loving environment. If we have more kids we'll send them to Early Years again.

Liming Z

My son attended for 2 years and now my daughter is in the 2 year class. The teachers are welcoming, care for all the kids, whether or not they're in their class, give daily feedback and really take the time to get to know each child. My son is currently in kindergarten and it's a breeze for him, partly due to the basics he learned at EYPS. Ms. Jackie (4/5 yr teacher) made sure the transition was so smooth, academically speaking, that he says he's bored and kindergarten is too easy! What a lovely problem to have. 

My daughter is about to go through potty training and they are so helpful with that trying transition as well. The pricing is competitive, the atmosphere is quaint and nurturing. There is a structured environment that helps them to be socialized, learn and respect boundaries, yet there is playtime, both indoor and out, that I feel is so vital for children. I am so happy we found them!

Lauren K

 My first child attended Early Years from 2 years old up until the time she started kindergarten, and now I am sending my second child also. My husband and I couldn't be happier with the level of learning, care and individual attention they've received there. I can't help but feel like I'm in on an extraordinary secret, because the school is still quite small, with one director and three teachers. And while each teacher is in charge of a specific age group, somehow all three know and understand the quirks and personality of each kid in the entire school. I've come to trust them all. The kids seem to get along really well with each other, too, even across the different grades. 

The students are constantly doing crafts and expressing their individuality. They read A LOT. In the morning they learn about letters, numbers, colors and holidays, and in the afternoon they play-play-play. There are no TVs. They stick to a daily schedule. Their hours of operation / holidays off are very reasonable. At the 2-year-old level, the teacher was very supportive in potty training with both my kids. And by the time my older one graduated in 2012, she was more than ready for kindergarten -- she and I both knew that she was equipped with the knowledge and confidence to start on the right foot. Thank you, Early Years!

Nancy B

Early Years Preschool afforded more than just a place to warehouse our children before they were ready for kindergarden, it became an extension of our home. The 3 years that our son Ronin spent there and the 1 year that our daughter Riley was there produced two children who were better prepared academically and socially than any of their current classmates to date. And although we could write pages of how professional, nurturing, supportive, excited and dedicated each and every member of the EYPS staff was, what truly sets them apart was the fact that as parents we knew that each day we left our children in the care of EYPS our children were safe and treated as if they were the most important people in the world! And each day when they came home, our children talked fondly about each teacher everyday!  

As it turns out, we had to move and depart a truly wonderful place. To prove this point, the preschool we moved our daughter to a “prestigious” and expensive school mistreated our daughter and on multiple occasions misinformed us as to what was happening at the school. Furthermore, there was no sense of family or regard for building a community, just concern about when were we paying the bill. Subsequently, we have moved our daughter to a new school and although it is still not as wonderful as EYPS, it is better than the other school. However, we have come to realize that what makes EYPS so special cannot be replicated. Because, it is a unique group of professionals, who care about what they do and more importantly care about the children and parents they work with.  

Thank you EYPS for several of the greatest years of our children's lives, the kids still ask for each of you by name and I hope that lasts for the rest of their lives.

With the greate​st respect,

Dr. Harald H.

Early Years Pre School is everything a conscientious, hands-on and concerned parent could ever hope for!

On your first visit to the school, you feel the teachers' warmth and their determination to make you and your child feel welcome and "at home". Every teacher, no matter what age group they teach, knows every child that attends the school. They work as a team to keep the children feeling safe and happy. In addition, the children are taught numerous subjects. Each month is a new adventure with each class focusing on different themes, colors, letters and numbers. 

The whole school runs meticulously under the professional direction of Ms.Tazneem Virani. There is an open door policy and Ms. Taz is always available to talk about anything a parent may need, even how to take the next step in your child's schooling. Each teacher is also available to talk to you as well. They even helped me with my child's potty training, which I found alot of schools would not do and they charged more to attend.

All in all, I cannot say enough about the wonderful women at Early Years Pre School that cherish, nuture and educate our children. I am so happy that they are here for my Annabelle and me!


Elizabeth H.

My son, James, has been attending EYPS full-time since he was 3. He came from a small, family-owned daycare and that's the environment my husband and I were looking for in a preschool...something small, nuturing and caring. We found it at EYPS.

The teachers know all the children and the children know all the students. That's one of the things I love the most about the school, it's like a large family. James loves to go there every day and has learned so much in the past year. I credit EYPS with teaching him so many things and not just school-based. He has learned how to make friends and treat them with respect.

I have another son who's too young to attend EYPS but I look forward to when he turns 2 so he can have the same wonderful experience my older son is having.

Cara M.

Early Years Preschool was the perfect choice of school for my daughter Sophia. Sophia started school there being very shy and quiet, and blossomed into a very outgoing and confident girl!

The teachers at EYPS are so passionate about making the children there feel uninhibited to explore and discover new things in each lesson and activity. Sophia used to come home from school and discuss in detail about all the things she learned there. That is when you know that the teachers are doing an incredible job!

For anyone looking for a school with an incredibly nurturing environment, and a curriculum that truly focuses on learning through music, art, and play, then this is the school for you.

Thank you to all the teachers at EYPS for really going out of their way to make the learning experience such a memorable one for Sophia. She misses all of you and so do I.

Almas T.

My son attended Early Years Preschool for three years. The teachers were attentive to his needs and extremely patient. Because of their commitment he acquired the tools to excel in kindergarten and for this I am extremely grateful.

My heartfelt thanks and best wishes to the teachers.

Patricia S.